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Highlighting Mid-Prairie's Finest

MP Alumni & Friend's Association continues MP Foundation's achievement recognition

The Mid-Prairie Foundation has previously awarded several alumni, staff or benefactors for their roles and contributions to our school. Several recipients per year were honored and publicly recognized for their contributions, service and/or leadership. Their pictures were displayed at the high school for one year and their names are listed on a permanent plaque. To continue honoring alumni that have served and represented Mid-Prairie well, the Mid-Prairie Alumni & Friends Association will now organize the Alumni Achievement Awards & Recognition process.

The Alumni Board and class representatives have expanded the categories for recognition to feature more deserving alumni for these honors. Please consider nominating alumni for their achievements. For nominations, fill out the form on p. 27 and return to Mid-Prairie Central Office, PO Box 150 Wellman; or fill out the form online -; or email to 

The nominations will be reviewed by a committee of board members, class reps and teachers. The deadline to submit a nomination is February 1. The first six recipients will be selected in March and recognized in the spring alumni newsletter and at either the Kalona Days parade or the Wellman 4th of July parade in the summer. Once nominated, the individual will stay on the list for consideration each year. 

Previous winners: 2009: Warren Olson, Pat Anderson, John Orr, Doug Goschke, Tim Grady, Dan Dickel, Bill Marks, Nick Peck. 2010: Boyd & Wilma Emde, Robert Gaston, Willis Miller, Donald Randol, Paul Swank. 2011: Stan & Corrinne Barber, Rose Dillard Belk, Elsie Zook Blosser, Velma & Ferd Skola. 2012: Dwight & Junell Duwa, Don & Wilma Gingerich, Ken & Sue Kempf, Kenneth & Katheryn Kos.

2019 - Steve Berger, Achievement Award; Blake Hershberger, Vocational Award; Jeremiah Gingerich, Service Award; Jessica Faselt, Fine Arts Award; Don Showalter, Athletic Award; Steve Yotty, Community Impact Award.

2020 - Doug Yotty, Achievement Award; Brad Kinsinger, Vocational Award; Lonnie Yoder, Service Award; Bill Niffenegger, Fine Arts Award; Dallas Duwa, Athletic Award; Ryan Schlabaugh, Community Impact Award.

2021 - Jonathan Gingerich, Achievement Award; Renee Schrock Thompson, Vocational Award; Doug Slaubaugh, Service Award; Luke Johnson Lovegood, Fine Arts Award; Jason Dumont, Athletic Award; Jim Seward, Community Impact Award.

2022 - Jake Fisher, Achievement Award; Ronnie Hershberger, Vocational Award; Janet Kos Ferry, Service Award; Sandra Reed, Fine Arts Award; Tanner Miller, Athletic Award; Dan Clark, Community Impact Award.

MPCSD Alumni Achievement Award

Given to alumni who have earned recognition for their achievements and attributions in their professional life.


  • Demonstrates a high level of achievement in his/her field and makes significant contributions to that field.
  • Exhibits high moral character.

MPCSD Vocational Hall of Fame

Awarded to alumni with exceptional accomplishment in the area of vocational education while attending Mid-Prairie High School and/or have made an outstanding impact in their professional vocation.


  • Significant contributions in a vocational area.
  • Received recognition for leadership or service in their vocational area while in high school.
  • Received recognition or honors in their vocational area after high school.
  • Makes significant contributions and has sought out leadership in their professional vocation.

MPCSD Community Impact Hall of Fame

Awarded to alumni who should be rewarded for their service impact on the Mid-Prairie Community.


  • Significant service contributions either while in school and/or post-high-school to the Mid-Prairie Community.
  • Service may be for any purpose.
  • Service may be in a non-compensated or a compensated capacity.

Other considerations:

  • Outstanding character and leadership.
  • Exhibits high moral character.

MPCSD Alumni Service Award

Given to alumni for specific and meritorious service to the MPCSD Alumni Association, or any other not-for-profit organization.


  • Service must be for a not-for-profit organization in a non-compensated capacity.
  • Exhibits high moral character.

MPCSD Fine Arts Hall of Fame

Awarded to alumni with exceptional accomplishment in the fine arts while attending Mid-Prairie High School.


  • Significant contributions in his/her fine arts area.
  • Conference honors and /or all-state recognition, or equivalent.
  • Superior ratings earned in competition.
  • Major roles in theater productions, solos, etc.

Other considerations:

  • Successful participation in college and/or post-college.
  • Major roles in theater productions, solos, etc. after high school.
  • College scholarships in the fine arts disciplines.

MPCSD Athletic Hall of Fame

Awarded to alumni with exceptional accomplishment in athletics while attending Mid-Prairie High School. 


  • Statistical records and/or awards received.
  • All-conference, all-state and/or state championships earned.

Other considerations:

  • Outstanding character and leadership.
  • Successful participation in college and/or professional athletics.

Fill out a nomination by printing and mailing the form below or you can submit your nomination electronically


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